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Drugs, Society, and the Law

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Bruce Mc Kay

September 16 Class 2 Drugs society and the law Changing views in society about psychoactive drug use Early government approach1800sLaissez Faire approachgovernment had no control over the drug use government did not feel that it was their responsibility to control itControlin a hundred years the approach shifted to absolute control What could have caused such a shift o Tax revenue for tobacco and alcoholo Association with certain races lead to some drugs being illegalo Deathso Emergency room visitso Drugs in the workplace and lost productivityo Broken homes illnesses shorter lives etco Cost of maintaining habit o Cost of criminal behaviouro Cost of treating patientso Fetal alcohol syndrome 3 major categories o toxicity o dependenceo crimeToxicity What is drug toxicity o Physiological and behavioural toxicityo Toxicity the physical orpsychological harm that a drug might present to the userWhat makes a drug toxic o amount used o how it is usedo Physiologicaleffects on the body o Behavioural toxicitywhat the user did while on the drugDrugrelated toxicity
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