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Drugs and the Law

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Bruce Mc Kay

September 21 Class 3 Drugs and the Law Medical Journal PaperLancer 2007 talked about o categories of harmType of Harm ParameterPhysical Harm How physically dangerous is the drug to the user Dependence How likely is the drug to cause dependence Social Harm o What is the effect of the drug on families communities society etc o Objectively assessing the harm of drugs o physical harm acutechronic intravenous harmo dependenceintensity of pleasure psychological dependence physical dependenceo social harm health care costs other social harm Social harms IntoxicationEach parameter assessed on a 4 point scale 0no risk 1some risk 2moderate risk 3extreme riskThe most dangerous drugs objectively average score on the physical harm to user likelihood of causing dependence and affects on society o Heroin cocaine as the top 2 and ecstasy as the last one 1 Heroin 289 Tobacco 16 10 Cannabis 13 2 Cocaine 233 Barbiturates 21 11 Solvents 13 4 Street Methadone 19 12 LSD 12 5 Alcohol 19 13 Steroids 12 6 Ketamine 17 14 GHB 11 7 Benzodiazepines 17 15 Ecstasy MDMA 11 8 Amphetamines 17
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