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Lecture 10

PS270 Lecture 10 notes

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Christine Zaza

Tuesday November 13 2012 th Biological theories of aggression - Instinct theory • Unlearned and universal - Evolutionary psychology theory • Aggression was adaptive • Aided survival of genes Biological influences - Gender (males naturally more aggressive) - Stimulation of amygdala (increase aggressive behavior) - Low serotonin levels - High levels of testosterone (weak, positive correlation) - Alcohol (especially with males) Experimental data - Male students at UW - Describe a conflict in their relationship • Alcohol condition • Placebo condition • Control condition - Evaluate the conflict described earlier (people who had consumed enough alcohol would be more negative) - Results: compared to the placebo group and control groups, intoxicated participants reported (more negative) - conclusionsL alcohol plays a causal role in exacerbating conflict in relationships frustration - stemps from the gap between expectations and acheivements - anything that blocks achievement of a goal or gratification - frustration-aggression theory (frustration  aggression) - revised frustration-aggression theory (frustration  anger  aggression) experimental data - barker, dembo, lewin - young children shown a rommful of attractive toys - experimental group (made to wait a long time - control group: did not have to wait - results: experimental group were destructive with toys relative deprivation - perception
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