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Lawrence Murphy

Self-esteem in Individuals Steven Laurence 100825440 November 7 , 2011 Dr. Timothy Pychyl PSYC2600C Certain measures like the five-factor model, shows us that personality can change over time but one factor that needs to be taken into account for this model is self-esteem. Self-esteem needs to be taken more into consideration when viewing the five-factor model but not to take examine at whether that individual has high or low self esteem. Instead focus the day to day changes in self esteem and in doing so; we will be able to determine how self-esteem could successfully fit into the five-factor model. By examining self-esteem, it allows us to view personality and how it changes through self-esteem variability which is able to predict that a certain situation will affect that individual in the future. Now you may be confused a little, however I will explain all the terminology and how self-esteem has been studied in the past; also view self-esteem through my personal observations. So what exactly is self-esteem, it is how a person sees themselves as being the person they want to be or seeing themselves as the kind of person one does not want to be. Self-esteem use to be measured by the difference between a current self-description and an ideal self- description, therefore if there is a small difference, the higher the self esteem. This theory was tested on participants when they were fourteen so start of high school and then assessed again at age twenty three. As a whole, they found no change in self-esteem with increasing age however they did find a difference between males and females, as males self-esteem tended to increase while females decreased. (Larsen&Buss, 2011) Through this study it was summarized that from early adolescence to early adulthood it appears to be harder on females than males but this is too broad of a study as their quite a gap. Looking at self-esteem changes day by day; is a much more reliable way of determining your self-esteem, as some days are better than others. Such as some days you feel that things are out of your control and you feel worthless while others is the complete opposite, furthermore feelings of self-esteem change from day to day not just year to year. Self-esteem variability is the amount of short-term changes in self-esteem and it is measured by people having to keep records of how they feel about themselves on consecutive days for weeks or months. (Larsen & Buss, 2011) Then the researchers can determine how much each individual’s self-esteem fluctuates as well with the average; researchers then distinguish between level and variability of self esteem as these are unrelated but are estimated into predicting life outcomes. An example is that variability is a notification in self-esteem that the person has a fragile self-esteem even if high and therefore more open to stress. Thus some people’s self-esteem is affected heavily by life events more than others, for example, one individual’s self-esteem may rise with a compliment and fall with criticism while others are more stable. Self-esteem level has been related to depression, in that people with higher in variability have a stronger relation to depression and many have studies have shown this. By knowing this you would be able to determine how an individual would act if married, drinking problems for example. Therefore it is seen as stability versus changeability which is the psychological disposition that is referred to as self-esteem variability. (Larsen & Buss, 2011) As variable people are sensitive to social feedback and judge themselves through the eyes of others such as friends. My self-esteem is changed in every day
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