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Kathy Foxall

PS 271 Personality Week 5 Day 2 Wednesday February 5, 2014 BiologicalAspects of Personality Genetic Effects • Natural selection and functionalism o Natural selection § Behavioural and structural aspects § Strong feeling to protect children o Evolutionary personality theory Direct Genetic Effects • Behavioral Genomics o The study of how genes affect behavior § Evolve over the years § Look at how they function together as well as with factors Genetic factors in personality & behaviour • Heritability estimates for many personality traits = .40 for MZ twins o MZ twins are not identical but are more similar than others • What aspects of behaviour are affected by genetics? o Depression, thrill seaking behaviour, drugs, etc. (any behaviour) Direct Genetic Effects • Example:Angelman Syndrome (Happy Puppy Syndrome) o Acongenital (inborn) disorder caused by a defect on chromosome 15 o Happy, cheerful, attractive, friendly o Very floppy in movements, developmentaly delayed • Example: Williams Syndrome o Extremely sociable o Developmentally delayed o Love music • Example: Prader-Willi Syndrome o Hyperphagi - excess hunger, feel hunger all the time (eat frozen meat) § Problem with obesity o Missing or unexplained genes o Learning delays Video: William's Syndrome (lecture notes on MLS) • Can be diagnosed before 1 years old • Chromosome 17 deformacy • Can be environmental but usually random • Can't be seen in the chromosome seeing as • Long nasal bridge • White iris pattern • Long upper lip • Wide mouth and small chin • Learning disabilities • Very happy, friendly, love music • Treatments are not there but there is therapy to strengthen their disability • Average IQ is 60 but some can have a normal IQ Video: Prader-Willi Syndrome (MLS) • 2-4 years - more interest in food • Syndrome of starvation - think that they are starving even though they already ate • Delayed development • Failure of a growth spurt • Growth hormone is replaced • Gets tired easily • Depression or mood problems can develop • Very emotional • Are able to lead independent lives Genetic Effects Through Temperament • Temperament o Stable individual differences in emotional reactivity and behaviour level o Be determined between days to months after birth § Can determine between their own children Effects of genetics on behaviour • temperament affects behaviour, which affects responses to the child • temperamental characteristics of fear and anger -----> • neuroticism reduces social support o Moody and earitable - people respond negatively to this o High risk of depression Genetic Effects Through Temperament • Four basic aspects of temperament (inherited) o Activity - passive or physically active o Emotionality - calm or easily aroused o Sociability - aloof or approaches others o Impulsivity - aggressive
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