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Lecture 4

WEEK 4 notes

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Diane Glebe

WEEK 4- Monday, September 23, 13 INFANCY : Readiness for Life Sensory & Perceptual Development Early Learning People back then thought new borns lived in a booming, buzzing confusion.. thought they saw light or shadows, not objects.. Did not use higher centers of their brain until they were 1 yr old. Nowadays- Do have strengthening ability to learn, very organized,, contrast of what people believed back then “The Newborn: Development and Discovery” – early infant development P.H Wolff (1966) 6 newborn behavioural states (known as ) STATES OF AROUSAL 1.regular sleep -still , eyes closed unmoving, slow regular breathing 2. irregular sleep -eyes closed but moving (REM) -jerk/grimace to stimulation -irregular breathing 3.drowsiess - occurs when falling asleep or waking up eyes open and shut , have glazed appearance -breathing is regular but more rapid than in regular sleep 4.alert inactivity -eyes wide open and bright -exploring some aspect of environment -even breathing -body inactive 5. alert activity -(waking activity) -eyes open -breathing irregular -may display fussiness or bursts of motor activity 6. crying -intense crying that may be difficult to stop -high levels of motor activity go through these 6 states of arousal when waking and sleeping ,as they get older, the pattern of these states shift.. crying time may reduce while sleep time increases. -New born spends most of the day in regular or inregular sleep pg.156- arousal page 4-6 weeks, start sleeping more at night newborns have no day or night., little bit of sleep then awake, weird cycle. By a year, most babies are sleeping through at night. -cant change the babies cycle to just sleep at night.. by 4-6 more melatonin ( sleeping substance in brain), at night in babies Why is identification of stages significant? 1. Recognize subtle differences in degree of activity/inactivity in i
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