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WEEK 7 notes

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Diane Glebe

WEEK 7 DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY Preoperational Stage: “limited reasoning skills’ due to 3 Characteristics: Centration - focusing on 1 aspect of situation, is it tall or round, etc.. Egocentric thought Own perspective Irreversibility Cant undo it in their mind. Stage 3: Concrete Operational Stage ( 7-11 yrs) -able to conserve -conserve reversibility- quantitative attributes remain unchanged despite spatial/ form changes -no longer bound to visual appearance -logical rules - understand now mass, length, volume, distance (quantitative attributes) -no longer show centration, take other factors into account. Class (understand subsets or larger classes/ groups of things) More roses or flowers? Seriation (recognize ordering of objects in terms of some changing dimension) Preoperational age- may not be able to sort it tallest to shortest Concrete operational- may get it right by following the sticks to have it tallest to shortest Concrete Operational Stage Decentred and Objective ( not egocentric) thought Thinking still bound to the concrete Age to check on Stage 4: formal operational stage ( 11/12+)  don’t need to know this  ability to think about hypothetical abstract ideas  metacognition (thank about own thinking)  systematic problem solving  can envision multiple solutions  multiple perspectives  POTENTIAL only Implications of Piaget’s Theory 1. Focuses attention on Developmentally appropriate activities and expectations 2. recognizes crucial role of self-initiated, active involvement in learning (learn by doing 3. recognizes individual differences
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