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Lawrence Murphy

AMother and Her Son Steven Laurence 121778990 Child: Colin Micks Age: 3 th November 18 , 2013 Dr. Loomis PS 275 OC- Developmental Psychology 1: Infancy & Childhood Interview Setting The interview took place at my home on Sunday, November 10 starting at 3:00 pm. The child is my nephew, a three-year old boy who just turned three at the beginning of October. He was very cooperative while only sometimes getting off track playing with his toys during the interview. The only interference during the interview was from our dog that ran in the room a couple of times, as all my family was away at a hockey tournament for the day. The dog came in during the parent-child interaction and may have caused different reactions but was not influential enough to cause a skew in the results. The only difficulty had during the interview was some of the questions for the child seemed too advanced for him. I would try to explain to him but in some cases he had trouble with questions involving detailed answers especially at the end where he just wanted to play with his toys. However everything else seemed to move smoothly throughout the interview for the mother and child as the interview came to a conclusion at 5:15pm after the information needed was gathered. Observational Record Sheets of Parent-Child Interaction Time Child’sActions Mother’sActions 3:00pm -Starts to play with train set -Joins in 3:01pm -Driving around train, -Does the same thing and shouting “choo-choo” at starts to laugh at the child myself and mother 3:02pm -Continues to drive train -Starts to begin to build the around the carpet, keeping to toy railroad tracks himself 3:03pm ------------------ --------------------- 3:04pm -Goes over to his mother with -Replies “yes, watch this a bright yellow and blue train, Colin”, She starts to drive says “it is Thomas the tank them on the railroad tracks engine’’ 3:05pm -He watches his mother on the railroad track with the trains, his eyes are wide open with excitement 3:06pm -“my turn” he says and starts -Sits back and watches him to drive them on the tracks play 3:07pm -He wants us both to play with -His mom starts to drive the the trains and him, comes up trains on the track again after to me and says “come play!” I he comes back from asking say “no thank you, I have me to play work to do” 3:08pm -Continues to play and making -Starts to make other train train noises “choo-choo” noises “chug chug chug” and continues to play 3:09pm -He is right into playing with -Sits down on couch the trains -dog enters the room 3:10pm -Begins to yell “No, No” at -Tells him “don’t worry about the dog as the dog is five feet him, come here Bauer!” away from trains and him -the dog runs over to her on the couch and she leads him out of the room 3:11pm -------------------- --------------------- 3:12pm -Looks at this mother and -“what do you say”, he says yells “juice, juice”, stops “please juice” playing with the trains -She goes and gets him a juice box from the refrigerator but enforces his manner “what do you say?” he says “thank you” 3:13pm -Drinking the juice box and -“thank you, you goof” and goes back to playing with the laughs trains. Suddenly runs to his mom on the couch “you take a -She goes over to the train set drink” she does and he begins with him to laugh 3:14pm -He comes over to me then -She starts to crash the trains and asks “you take a drink?” into one another on the tracks and making them tip over I say “no thank you” 3:15pm -He watches his mother -“do not lose or throw any of crashing the train and runs the pieces please” over and laughs -He starts to crash the trains and then starts pulling apart the tracks 3:16pm -He then throws a piece of the -She then insists “if you throw track at the couch where no one more piece, you are done one is sitting playing with the trains” -yells “no” to being done -“well do not throw them playing with trains please” 3:17pm -Goes back to driving the -Mother tells him “say sorry trains right on the carpet again for running into your uncles and goes around the table foot” -He runs into my foot with one of them -“sorry Steven”, I say “that is okay” 3:18pm -He continues to play while -Mother turns on the TV and now heading into the toy room sits back on the couch, looks to get toy cars at me and says “your turn” 3:19pm -He is asking me “to come play please” so I do as it will be a good start to moving on to the questions directly to him Interview Responses A. Social Development 1. Sex Roles a) We were reading a book and when we came across a boy and a girl sitting together. S-Which one is the boy? C-he points to the male S-how do you know? C-he looks at me with a confused look, not understanding and points at the male again and says “boy” S-Which one is the girl then? C-he points correctly to the female S-how can you tell? C-points to the girl and says “girl” S-How are boys and girls different? I point to his mom and myself C-“boy have penis, girls have vagina” b) I tell him good job as he continues to play with his cars S-Are you a girl? C-“No” and laughs, says my name like I am playing around “Stevveeennn” S-Are you a boy” C-“Yah!” S-How can you tell? C-“I have a penis” S-That is correct and laugh, when you were a baby (point to a baby doll), were you a baby boy or baby girl? C-“boy baby, no girl Stevenn” S-Were you ever a baby girl? C-“no girl Stevenn” S-Why not? C-“no Steven, no girl” S-When you get bigger, as big as me or bigger, will you be a mommy or daddy? C-looks at me blank (I point to pictures of a mom and dad), he says “daddy” but not quite sure if understood the question judging by his facial expressions S-Could you be a mommy? C-“No” and points to his mommy S-Why not? C-looks at me blank and then says “mommy” and points at her c) S-If you wore girl’s clothes and played girls games, or wore your hair like a girl; would you be a girl? C-“No girl, I’m boy” starts to laugh and says “Stevvvveenn” S-Why can’t you be a girl? C-“no girl, me boy!!” d) S-Could you ever be a girl if you wanted to? C-“No, boy” S-What if you wished really hard? C-looks blank at me S-Would you like to be a girl? C-“no” S-Why not? C-“no girl” e) S-You can be all sorts of things when you grow up, what would you like to be when your older\bigger? Showed him when he was my size C-“hockey!!!!” S-Why do you want to play hockey” C-“Skating”…he just started skating S-That’s awesome, I love hockey (might have influenced), what else do you want to do when your big? C-“hockey” S-Nothing else? C-“hockey” f) I show him the boy and girl sitting together from his book again S-Do you see these people? C-“Yeah” S- I am going to ask some questions and for each one point to either the boy or girl, who would be better at baking? Or who is more likely to make you dinner? C-Points at girl S-Why is that? C-“mommy and nema(grandma)”... they do most or all of the cooking S-Who would be better at fixing the TV (point to TV) if it was broken? C-Points to boy S-Why do you think that? C-“woody and buzz please”. He wants to watch toy story and me to put it on S-No we have to keep doing this please, who would be a better bus driver? C-“Nema” S-Point to the girl or boy please? C-Points to girl S-Why did you say Nema? C-“her bus”…grandma is a bus driver S-Who would be a better teacher? I show him how a teacher would point her finger C-Points to girl S-Why do you think so? C-looks at me blank, and points to girl again says “mommy” and then laughs 2. Social Competence and Motives a) S-Someone much smaller than you starts to fight with you, what would you do? C-“No fight! Not nice” S-Would you do anything else? C-“fight not nice, mommy!” S-okay, no fighting b) S-Let’s pretend your friend is playing with a toy and you want to play with that toy, show him by playing with a toy that he would want. What would you do? C-“my toy, I want to play”, stares for a few seconds and then “please let me play” S-Can you tell me any other things that you would do if I had your toy? C-no answer and is now playing with that toy c) S-Do you have a friend that you play with? C-“Yeah, ELISE!” S-Perfect, let’s pretend that Elise is visiting at your house and you each have a cup. Your name is on this cup (hand him a cup) and Elise’s on this cup (I keep the other cup). You and Elise are playing when Papa (grandpa) comes and gives you ten pennies (I give him the pennies), now you can give some pennies to Elise or keep them to yourself. What would you do with the pennies and everyone has to be in a cup? C- He puts two in Elise cup and the rest (eight) in his cup S-Why did you put the pennies where you did? C-“some to Elise” S-Good job sharing 3. Friendship and Peer Relations a) S-Do you know what a friend is? What is Elise to you? C-“Nice and share” S-Good, anything else? C-looks at me blank S-So a friend is someone who is? C-“Nice” S-good C-“share” S-good job b) S-Do you have a friend? C-“Ya!!” S-What is his or her name? C-“Charlie” S-How do you know you are friends? What do you do together? C-“Play with cars and colour, daycare” S-cool that’s sweet C-“sweet” c) S-How did you become friends with Charlie? C-looks at me blank and doesn’t understand S-Can you stop being friends with Charlie? C-“No” S-Would anything make you stop being friends with him? C-“No”…not completely sure if he understands d) S-Do people need friends? Do you need your friends at daycare? C-“yes” S-Why? C-looks at me and says “yes”... does not understand possibly S-What if someone didn’t have any friends? C-“they sad” S-What would happen if you didn’t have Charlie or Elise? C-“no Steven” B. Cognitive Development 1. Conservation I make up two balls of play dough that look the same size S-Are these the same size? Or does this one have more play dough than the other? C-“ya” S-So same or different? C-“same” S- I then rolled out one, are they both the same now? Or does one have more play dough (point to hotdog one) than the other? C-Looks at both of them, concentrating and says “same” S-Why do you think so? Or why do you think they have the same amount of play dough still? C-“you squished the one Steven” S- Nice job 2. Classification I have pictures from animals on a farm that he has as one of his toys S-I put the horse with the cow and a chicken with the duck so a large and small group. I tell him to separate into large and small groups so if the animal is big put it with the horse and cow but if small with the chicken and duck. I hand him a pig and ask him where it goes? C-He puts it with the chicken and the duck, then he puts the donkey with the horse and cow. He grabs the goat and dog and puts them with the small animal group S-Excellent, you’re doing a really good job, just two more! C-He grabs the cat and puts it with the small group.As he looks at the last one, he starts to laugh and picks it up and shows it to me while still laughing (it is an emu). Then he sets it with the large animal group. S-Great job, so why did you put these in that group?As I point at the large animals C-“they are big” points to the other animals in that group and then points to the small group and says “small” S-Amazing Colin 3. Seriation I cut out yellow, green, blue, and red circles of paper S-Alright Colin, do you see all these colours? C-“Yeah” S-I am going to put them in an order, so I put blue then red then green and finally yellow, Okay now see how I put them, as I move my finger across them. I tell him he has to put them in that order, so I mix them up and put them in a pile and remind him to place them just like mine. C-He starts to grab the blue one
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