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Ch.6 Dissociative Disorders section includes: Dissociative amnesia (Localized, Selective, Generalized, Systemized, Continuous) Dissociative Fugue Depersonalization disorder Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) Common factors in DID Merskey’s explana

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Kathy Foxall

1Dissociative DisordersIncludes Amnesia Fugue DID Depersonalization DisorderDissociative amnesia5 typesvary in extentseverityepisodic memory lossevents involving ones experiencethe partial or total loss of important personal informationLocalizedmost commonforget all details of an eventevents that happened recently enough that you would be expected to remember themSelectivecannot remember certain significant details of an eventabout 70 of criminals claiming this for a criminal action are probably lying Generalizedcannot remember any details of past lifeable to process what is currently going onSystemizedcannot recall any information about a person or about several people Continuousalert but has forgotten events going back to a certain time in the past and forgetseach new event after it happensDissociative Fugueconfused about identitylose episodic memoryin dissociative amnesia both the source and the content of the amnesia are unknown recovery from fugue state is often abrupt and complete although the gradualreturn of bits of information may also occurassume new identity or partially new identity and travel away from homeusually short lastingEF 1215 episodes in 5 years British manoOccurs under periods of great stressoLegal financial marital problemsoPlaced on drugs that keep him in heightened state of awareness1
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