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Ch.8 Personality and Impulse Control Disorders Pt.I this section includes: What is personality? Etiological and Treatment Considerations for Personality Disorders (Five factor model and personality disorders) Diagnostic Issues (Reliability, Categorical

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Kathy Foxall

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1Personality and Impulse Control Disorders515 of hospital and outpatient admissionslifetime prevalence of 1013characterized by inflexible longstanding and maladaptive personality traits that cause significant functional impairment or subjective distress for the individualusually people with personality disorders are hospitalized only when a second superimposed disorder so impairs social functioning that they require inpatient carethe rationale for having two axes for mental disorders is that Axis II disorders generally begin in childhood or adolescence and persist in a stable form into adulthoodoaxis I disorders usually fail to show these characteristicsWhat is personalityPerceptionoWays that people understand experience and interpret the worldresponding ohow person responds to their perceptionsinteractionotypical behaviourshow approach tasks obig picture vs detailed observerstable in adulthoodEtiological and Treatment Considerations for Personality DisordersFive factor model and personality disordershelpful in understanding PDs5 key dimensions of personality1extraversionpreference for interpersonal interactions being funloving and active2neuroticism emotional adjustment and stability3openness to experience curiosity willingness to entertain new ideas and values and emotional responsiveness4agreeableness being goodnatured helpful forgiving and responsive5conscientiousnessbeing organized persistent punctual and selfdirected1
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