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Ch.10 Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders section includes: Sexual dysfunction Homosexuality Aging and sexual activity Gender Identity Sexual orientation Gender role Gender Identity Disorder (GID) Prevalence and course of GID Eti

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Kathy Foxall

1Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders Sexual dysfunctionGender Identity disordersDefining what is abnormal is especially difficult when it comes to this topicStatistical deviationhow different is behaviour from norm Distress Impairmentdoes it cause impairment in functioningHomosexualityRemoved from DSM Research evidence that it is not a choice addiction or a diseaseAPA considers sexual conversion therapy to be immoral and unacceptable oConverting someone from gay to straightno evidence that it worksoAversionapplying aversive stimuli to extinguish unwanted behaviourAging and sexual activityPoll findings that the majority of Americans over 60 say that their interest in sex is highMajority over the age of 60 are sexually activeGender IdentityNot always the same as genderBasic sense of self as male or femaleEarly in life first signs at 1836 monthsIf gender identity is not consistent with biological sex usually first recognized by parents when the child is 24 years oldUse term transgendered or tran Someone who feels that their biological sex does not match their internal sense of their sexual identitySexual orientationPreferred age and sex of partnerGender role
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