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Ch.11 Mood Disorders Section includes: Necessary conditions for clinical diagnosis Symptoms of Depression and Mania Incidence, Prevalence, and Course Comorbidity Classification of Mood Disorders (Depressive Disorders, Bipolar Disorders) Sy

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Kathy Foxall

1Mood disorders Most people have times when they feel unhappy about some aspect of their livesIt is common for people to say that they are really depressed when what they mean is that they are sad or worried about somethingThis topic includes depressive disorders and bipolar disordersWill start with depressionEffects sleep appetite and motor behaviourNecessary conditions for clinical diagnosisSeverity1 InterferenceDepression interferes with ability to function in work school and relationshipsSome people may continue to work or attend school but their performance declines2 Range of symptomsAffects feelings and behaviour such as sleep appetite motor movementSymptoms of Depression and ManiaIn some cultures depression may be experienced largely in somatic or bodily complaints rather than in sadness or guiltThe core symptoms of a major depressive episode are the same for children and adolescents although the prominence of characteristic symptoms may change with ageSymptoms of DepressionAffective Symptomscore symptomsMood down sad most of the time every day for 2 weeks or more ORLoss of interest or pleasure in things that used to enjoy most of the time every dayFeelings of worthlessness guiltAnxiety commonExcessive and prolonged mourning12oSevere incapacitating depression rarely continues beyond the first three monthsWild weeping may occur as a general reaction to frustration or angerCognitive SymptomsPessimistic thinkingLoss of motivationWork and household chores seems like a great effortFeelings of incompetencePut self downThoughts of death in general andor suicide Difficulty concentratingThe suicide risk of depressed persons is at least eight times higher than that of the general populationA cognitive triad develops with negative views of the self of the outside world and of the futureBehavioural SymptomsLow activityenergy level Social withdrawal lowered productivityPoor groomingPsychomotor retardationreduced speech slower movementsSome are agitated restlessExhibit anhedonia or a loss in the capacity to derive pleasure from normally pleasant experiencesPhysiological SymptomsLoss of appetite weight changesConstipation2
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