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Lecture 2

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Lawrence Murphy

Community Psychology Chapter 9  Locating problem inside person leads to difficult times in trying to solve the problem  Often times what creates a problem is not inside the person but in the family, community etc. we as a culture grow addicts in the same way we grown ppl to be dr, laywers etc.  If we want to solve problems we must find where it is located  Not to remove responsibility from individual but to help society Milestones in Prevention  Medical advancements= preventions  The Broad Street Pump: John Snow (public health model)  Dominant idea at time of John snow was Miasma theory (data fit this theory)  Disease was “in the air”, people who lived lower in elevation were near “miasma air”  It can happen that theory fits the data and is wrong  Men who worked in broad street brewery didn’t get sick ( had its own water source)  Beer was boiled so it was clean  Even though you don’t know how to cure something you may know how to prevent it  You don’t need to know the cause to prevent it Rationale for Promoting Prevention  “upstream”
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