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Colleen Loomis

PS282 Community Psych Lecture 7 11/05/12 Sense of Community Definition of Community (Sarason) • “a readily available, mutually supportive network of relationships on which one could depend” Definition of Psychological Sense of Community (Sarason) • Perception of similarity to others, acknowledged interdependence with others Types of Communities • Locality ◦ Physical ◦ Geographic ◦ Place • Relational ◦ Interpersonal relationships & SOC ◦ Shared interests ▪ Mutual Help groups, Religious congregations, Political groups ◦ Collective power structure, political interests, working for a common goal of influence ▪ e.g.) Intentional communities • Examples ◦ Video “Practical Tools to Grow an Intentional Community” ▪ An attempt to examine what communities did to be successful ▪ How do communities operate and sustain themselves? • Have a common vision and purpose • Have a fair participatory making method • Having clear written agreements Levels of Communities • Microsystem • Organizations ◦ Laurier ◦ Religious congregations • Localities • Macrosystems Amediating structure is organizations that connect communities • e.g.) Saint Monica House connects their community with PS282 students SOC in Neighbourhoods and Localities Types of Neighbourhoods • Characterized by sense of neighbourhood identity, level of internal interaction, degree of external linkages ◦ Integral ◦ Parochial PS282 Community Psych Lecture 7 11/05/12 ◦ Diffuse ◦ Stepping Stone ◦ Transitory ◦ Anomic • Videos: ◦ Bownen Island ◦ Old Friends
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