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Lecture 9

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Colleen Loomis

PS282 Community Psych Lecture 9 19/11/12 Understanding Diversity, Power, Privilege and Oppression Lecturer: Katie Cook Learning Objectives • Gain better understanding of dimensions of human diversity and forms of oppression • Develop critical understanding of human diversity and forms of oppression • Develop critical understanding of oppression and liberation • Learn to define and reflect upon intersectionality • Reflect on our uses of oppressive/ empowering language Oppression and Liberation • Oppression ◦ “Occurs in a hierarchical relationship in which a dominant group unjustly holds power and resources and withholds them from another group” ◦ “Astate of domination where the oppressed suffer the consequences of deprivation, exclusion, discrimination, exploitation, control of culture and sometimes violence • Privilege ◦ Unearned advantage not enjoyed by all ◦ Members of privileged groups are granted resources, opportunities, power by oppressive systems ◦ Often unconscious ◦ Implications • Power ◦ Ability to act, produce, control valuable resources ◦ Not fairly distributed or individually controlled ◦ Not necessarily based on individual merit • Liberation ◦ The aim is to change the system, to emancipate both the privileged and the oppressed ◦ First order change ◦ Second order change ◦ 3 resources needed ▪ Critical awareness • Understanding the oppressive system • Having conversations and critical dialogue between oppressor and oppressed ▪ Involvement and leadership •
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