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Lecture 3

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Colleen Loomis

th PS282 Community Psych Lecture 3 September 24 , 2012 CSL Discussion • Process of choosing placement • What I've done so far to get into my placement • Reflect upon previous experiences • Respond and interact with others (@ least 3) • (a) Your personal experiences in service-learning; • (b) How your experience relates to one of the “Learning Outcomes” from the LCCSL list of eight learning outcomes adapted from Strayhorn (2006) • (c) How your learning through CSL relates to course content Chapter 10: Prevention & Promotion – Implementing Programs Homelessness Among Youth in Kitchener (Video) • Factors leading to homelessness ◦ Lack of education ◦ Poor home life leading to escape ◦ Lack of awareness about resources ▪ help centres, phone lines, alternative education programs • Interventions/ Prevention ◦ Set up homes for troubled children ▪ IOM or Caplan's Model? How would they do it? Chapter 10 Prevention & Promotion: Implementing Programs Chapter Topics to Learn: 8 Concepts & Examples • 1 Major finding on implementation results • 4 Stages of transfer • 8 Issues of implementation • 4 Stages of diffusion • 5 Stages of developmental • 2 Types of models explaining research-practice gap • 1 Integrated model ◦ Systems ◦ Factors • 8 Organizing principles of PAR cycle • 9 Examples ◦ SEL ◦ Home visiting ◦ Better Beginnings Program Implementation • 2 program implementation th PS282 Community Psych Lecture 3 September 24 , 2012 ◦ meta-analysis and best practices approach • Results of 2005 meta-analysis reviewed 46 drug prevention programs ◦ Target population: high-risk children and teens ◦ Intervention approach: multiple ◦ Results: effect sizes ▪ 0.02 mean effect size across all programs • Out of all 46 drug prevention programs, mean was 0.02 meaning it barely had an effect ▪ 21 programs with negative effect sizes • Means the control group was less likely to use drugs than the experimental group Why were initial prevention results not significant? • Differences in programs ◦ Emotional, theoretical • Methodological problems ◦ Some control groups had no intervention or access to anti-drug ▪ but control group had some source of intervention • from media • was not a true control group • Implementation variability ◦ how well the program was integrated into the day to day program ◦ different outcomes for where the programs were implemented ▪ e.g.) rich neighbourhood vs. poor neighbourhood • Results: effect size rose from 0.02 to 0.24 ◦ after controlling for these problems (differences, implementation variety, methodological problems) Well-implemented and well-designed prevention works! 4 Stages of Transferring Programs • Cookbook ◦ Step by step • Replication of programs ◦ Staff would be trained then have a source of adapted settings • Adaption of Programs ◦ Taking programs and making them customized to the setting ◦ Ideally having the program developer as a consultant • Intervention/ Innovation ◦ Current modern day science ◦ have evidence based programs that are sources of ideas and inspirations ▪ To create a program ideal to a setting but have theory ◦ Not replicated exactly 8 Issues in Implementation th PS282 Community Psych Lecture 3 September 24 , 2012 • Fidelity • Dosage/ Intensity • Quality • Participant responsiveness • Program differentiation • Monitoring of control conditions • Program reach • Adaptation 4 Stages of Development and Implementation • “Scaling up” ◦ Experimental Development ◦ TechnologicalApplication ◦ Diffusion of Innovation (5-step process) ▪ Knowledge ▪ Persuasion ▪ Decisions ▪ Implementation ▪ Confirmation ◦ Widespread Implementation Implementation Models • Research to practice models ◦ Researchers and policy makers “push” communities and organizations to adopt evidence- based programs ◦ Top-down approach • Community-centred models
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