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Lecture 6

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Scotney Evans

Week 3 Lecture 6 Health Psychology Illness and Personality What is Personality? • Adynamic organization, inside the person, of psychophysical systems that create a person’s characteristic patterns of behaviour, thoughts, and feelings o Consistent, overall pattern of behaviour/thinking that is unique to an individual o Gives rise to INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES Personality Traits • Trait: a relatively stable characteristics or quality that may represent a portion of one’s personality o Normally distributed within population o Link to health is based on the expectation that personality will influence:  Prevailing positive or negative affectivity  Health behaviours  Physiological changes “Big Five” Personality Dimensions • Big Five dimensions predict behaviours: o Extraverted people more likely to join a fraternity or sorority o Extraverted and agreeable more likely to be well liked by peers o High in conscientiousness more likely to use condoms, more likely to be responsible parents, more likely to have good health o High on openness to experience more likely to be satisfied with their sex lines o High on neuroticism less satisfied with marriage, more likely to distance from partner after a negative event and more likely to have trouble academically Dimension High Scores are... Low Scores are... Extroversion Outgoing, enthusiastic, active; Aloof, quiet, independent; you you seek novelty & are cautious and enjoy time excitement alone Neuroticism Prone to stress, worry and Emotionally stable but can negative emotions take unnecessary risks Conscientiousness Organized, self directed, Spontaneous, careless, can be successful; but controlling prone to addiction Agreeableness Trusting, empathetic, Uncooperative and hostile, compliant; you are slow to find it hard to empathize with anger others Openness Creative, imaginative, Practical, conventional, eccentric and open to new sceptical and rational experiences TypeA, Hostility and Health • Personality Type Week 3 Lecture 6 o TypeAPersonality: determined to achieve, sense of time urgency, irritable, response to threat or challenge very quickly, and impatient with obstacles o Type B Personality: calmer and less intense • Personality type is less predictive of health problems than is hostility (ex. Proneness to anger) Hostility and Heart Disease • Men with highest hostility scores as young medical students had higher rates of he
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