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Wilfrid Laurier University
Roger Buehler

VariablesandOperationalDefinition09172012Variables DefinedInformally The characteristics that we studyRecall that hypotheses involve statements about how two characteristics variables go togetherAlso sometimes called factors dimensions qualities attributesDefinition anything that can take on different values across a set of objectsmust have at least 2 different values or levels otherwise it is a constantSet of objectsExample humans Example schools Types of VariablesQualitative also nominal categoricalLevels differ in terms of quality or type not in the amount of somethingExample religious affiliation political party marital statusQuantitativeLevels differ in terms of the quantity or amount of somethingCan place the levels in order from less to moreExample degree of religiosity income level selfesteemDiscreteThere are no meaningful values of the underlying variable in between the levels of the scale there can be no decimalMust be measured in whole units or categoriesExample family size pregnancy status make of car type of psychotherapy number of friends ContinuousThere are meaningful values of the underlying variable in between the levels of the scale not limited to a certain number of values such as whole numbersCan be measured in whole units of fractional unitsExample Height weight rating of agreementNote can be distinct from how we manipulate or measure the variable here we are talking about the underlying variablePerson or subject variablesQualities that the participants being studied differ onExample How intelligent level of self esteemSituation or context variablesQualities of the situations that participants are in Example temperature hotcold how anxiety provoking level of privacy familiarityIf a researcher were flashing pictures of attractive vs nonattractive individuals and measuring your reaction to each picture Stimulus variablesQualities of the stimuli presented to participantsStimulussome thing presented by experimenter that evokes a response eg word list video clip photosExample vividness meaningful vs nonmeaningful words attractiveness of stimulus person level of violence in filmResponse or behavioural variablesQualities of the responses made by the participant
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