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Roger Buehler

ResearchMethodsMethod vs Content DistinctionContent coursesEmphasis on research findingsThe what of psychology what is known what has been discoveredExampleseg PS275 developmentaleg PS270 socialeg PS260 cognitiveeg PS263 BiopsychMethods courses Emphasis on research processThe how of psychology how we can know things how we come up with answers how we produce new findingsGoals of this courseAppreciate role of researchLearn to perform researchCareer relevancePractical transferable skillsLearn to evaluate research claimssenior courses findings in media advertisingbecome informed consumersPromote critical reasoningDevelop enthusiasm for researchThe Scientific ApproachPsychology is a scientific disciplineCommon misconceptionsScience is NOT defined bySubject matterEquipment or apparatusHaving enough factsScience is an approachA definition of science Sciencea method of research in which a problem is identified relevant data are collected a hypothesis is formulated from these data and the hypothesis is empirically tested Random House dictionaryDefining science by how researcher are appropriating knowledge and collecting dataCriteria of the scientific approach Systematic empiricismthe essence of science is the insistence that all propositions and ideas be subjected to an empirical test empiricismrelying on observations to draw conclusionssystematicobservation is structured observing with a definite purpose in mind guided by a theory or idea Public verification
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