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Lecture 2

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Lecture 2 : Journals and Overview of the Peer Review Process Disseminating their Research  Writing books, chapters in books  Psychology : most commonly is through a scientific journal Scientific Journals  They are peer-reviewed  The reports if don't meet high enough standards they are rejected (rejected is more common than accepted)  They are many journals published in many different specific areas Purpose of Journals  First scientific journal in the 17th century : there were too many books, so the journals were there to summarize the material : served as a social role  18th/19th century : scientists had a need to claim certain knowledge as their own  20th century : legitimization and validation : journals used as survival for one's own work and their career Differences among journals  Prestige : journals vary in prestige (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology) : journals of high prestige reject more articles and are more often read : Journal Impact Factor = a value on average the journal is cited per year = 15 is very high amount of citing for a journal  Reviews of areas of research : journals that are reviews, are used to summarize a certain body of work  Primary empirical research : publishes primary empirical research : ex. Journal of Abnormal Psychology (covers anything in psychopathology) : specialty journals : there are journals that publish things specifically (ex. Journal of Eating Disorders) How a Journal Works  Authors submit their work to the journal editors (journal referees), the action editor reviews the
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