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Pamela Sadler

Week 3 : True Experiments Why do experiments at all, and why care about them? 1. because you can find out things that you cant otherwise 2. they rule out alternative explanations 3. can tell you if a treatment really works Psychological treatments that cause harm (paper)  outlines treatments that probably cause harm, and those that possibility cause harm  without true experiments, its hard to see which therapies work, which don't and which that are possibly or probably harmful  Deterioration Effects: 1) Sometimes client deteriorate when they are in psychotherapy, but it has nothing to do with treatment. "post hoc ergo proper hoc" = after this, therefore, because of this (could think therapy is harmful when it isn't because you imply causation because it comes after : 2) Sometimes clients can prove following therapy that they would have improved more if they hadn't done the therapy Surgeon Lind's Experiment  Conducted an experiment, where he manipulated the diet of 12 sailors who had scurvy  Results : the sailors who drank orange and lemon juice got better Crucia
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