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Lecture 7

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Pamela Sadler

Lecture 7 : Structural Clinical Interview for Axis 1 Disorders (SCID-I) Importance of Diagnosis to Clinical Practice  Manny possible client problems  Determine full set of problems  Treatment planning  A structured interview is the way to diagnosis Importance of Diagnosis to Clinical Research  Need common diagnostic standards across studies The Structured Interview  Designed so the clinician asks standardized questions in prescribed order  SCID most widely used in North America, used for adults : there is one for Axis 1 and one for Axis 2  Without the SCID, the diagnosis has low reliability SCID Components Overview, screener, 9 main modules, scoring sheet Overview Module  Has Open ended interview (they answer however they want through elaboration) vs. Close Ended Interview (answered yes or no)  Open ended bc it is designed to collect info so that you can maintain a rapport with your client through the client being able to tell the therapist in their own words what the problem is & the therapist can collect info that they wouldn't if it was a close ended question  Client states problem in own words  Covers : work history, treatment history, current functioning
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