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PS381 Guest Speaker- Feb 5, 2014

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Pamela Sadler

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Introduction to Clinical Psychology Guest Lecturer Lynette Eulette Ph.D. February 5, 2014  Works with kids and adolescents  Was at UW counseling for 2 years, missed the school system Interesting Challenges  Foreign territory  Accessing community services o Resources are limited o When trying to help families and student you need to move them on because you cant be the front line worker o Having a waitlist  Difficult clientele o When parents don't see an issue wth bad behaviour o Need to know what your limits are and how to communicate to help  Work pressures o Asked to do more and more o System will never stop o You need to know where your line is and what your limits are Interesting Rewards  Access to every child  Making a difference  Personal growth o Any population of adolescence is in the school system  Holidays and friends Who Provides Services Within School Psychology?  Psychologist  Psychologist Associate  Psychometrist (unregulated service providers) Who Do We Provide Services To?  Students, classrooms, teachers, families, schools, board consultants, individual adults in the system, system as a while What Services do School Psychologists Provide  Psychological Assessment  Anything Else  Case Examples o Case 1  Grade 11 female student whose father had recently died  Referred by Guidance Counselor  She was not coping well – grades were dropping and she was isolating herself from friends o Case 2  Male student in Grade 4 referred because he is often out of control  He is oppositional, disrespectful of student and teachers, has meltdowns which consist of crying , yelling, running out of the classroom, throwing
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