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Lec - Sept 21st

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Religion & Culture
Chris Klassen

- The crusades were about EU nations wanting to take over holy lands. - Religjous reasons, political desire to take over the holy lands and economic resource to access the middle east - First attempt to get through the Ottoman Empire happens by Portuguese sailing around Africa. o Start landing on the shores of Africa  We see colonies in Africa trying to get resources, create ports and slave trade o 1450s o Portuguese did not have the resources to fund Columbus’ expedition  Columbus goes to Spanish leaders When Worlds Collide – Story of Isabela… - Short Film (PBS)1580201904 - wanted everyone to be Christian - once Isabella and Fernidad were told about a new land and people, they tried to get the people of the land (America) to bring to Christianity Treatment of new people (SF) - somewhat contradictory o much more friendlier responses in some places, in other places treated very harshly and made into slaves - 1850, indigenous people o small pox and other diseases - much of Mexico conquered by Spanish - Dutch engage in colonization in Africa, some involvement in the new world - French jumping in to get involved, came to North America - English joined in the 1600s - If we think of the diff kinds of groups, 1200 people, 50 linguistic people. - Indigenous people tended to see a ritual perspective as part of the every day. o The body was sinful and dirty o Beli
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