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Lec - Judasim

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Religion & Culture
Chris Klassen

- Judaism has been in Americas since Europeans have been in Americas - As Portugal and Spanish Jews expelled, they came to the Americas to avoid the expulsion - Large population went to Poland - Were part of colonization in New Amsterdam (New York) o Largest city with Jews now - Two main Jewish ethnicities o Sephardim – went to North Africa or stay in the Middle East  Lidia language o Ashkanazi – went to Northern Europe (Germany)  Yiddish language - Different foods, culture preferences, same religion - Instead of maintaining strict Jewish communities, they integrated o Intermarriage - Not separated quite so clearly - Second wave after 1820s - Ashkanazi coming from Germany and other northern European - Beginning move to reform Judaism - German Jews came to Canada - Reform movements – continuing Judaism as a separate religion but integrating Judaism into modern society - Third wave - Ashkanazi from Russia, Romania, eastern northern Europe - Attacked because they were Jews - Came to NYC, Montreal - Fourth wave - During and after WW2 - We had one of the lowest rates immigrant - Canada had a policy who were not willing to take Jews they believed Jews would disrupt population - After the holocaust, not until about 1946, they let the displaced persons to come to Canada - Judaism is the earliest and oldest of the monotheistic developed in the middle east - When it starts to develop, it develops in polytheism - Story of Abraham – called by Yahweh to worship him o Yahweh is one of the many gods o Abraham is creating a tradition and devotes himself to one of the many gods o Yahweh is their god but there are still many other gods. - Henotheism – devoted to one god but believe other people have other gods - Not until the battleonian exile, monotheism o Only one god o After the battle, to Israel we see other deities as false or demonic o Only Yahweh is a true god - Hebrew moved from poly to heno to modern - Christianity develops out of this - Jesus – Jewish rabi - Islam comes with mono too of one god existing - Judaism is one of the
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