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Lecture 2

RE100 Lecture 2: RE100- lecture october 2

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Religion & Culture
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Erich Tree

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Natasha Mavromihelakis Religion Of the Americas October 2, 2017 Myths America Lives By Certain aspects of American culture are taken up as a sort of religion in America (AMERICAN CREED) American patriotic practices is one of the most important religions that there is especially in this modern age Essay topic - myths Canadians live by What is a myth? an unveriable story about a hero or an event a story about god or supernatural beings a lie? a false collective belief a lie or a fairy tale someone believes is true a story embodying societal ideals or institutions myth is just ideology in narrative form where ideological interests escape all control- bruce lincoln If myth is ideology in narrative form - what makes myths into religion? Does it become religion just because someone names it religion? people accept the narratives and believe them to be true- make them have a special power? religion isn't necessarily what the beliefs are, its what happens on the ground - the actions myth is simply any story that is fundamental to its people a myth is not a story that is patently untrue it is a story that speaks of meaning and purpose - speaks truth to those who take it seriously American declaration of independence - American creed - what makes people truly American The cynical response An approach that asserts the creed is broken or misdirected- it does not work and it has never worked. Hughes asserts American creed- important when people need it most - wrote the book in response to the fall of the twin towers The absolutist Response the love it or leave it approach Hughes analyzes these myths Contrasting views of the American creed asserts a positive, enthusiastic optimistic view every myth has some good in it overly Religiocentric
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