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Intro to Judaism - Lecture 3

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Religion & Culture
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Holly Pearse

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 Today in Judaism  13 Tishrei, 5774 AM  Tomorrow is Erev Sukkot (Sukkot's Eve) o sukkot, the festival of booths, starts on 15 Tishrei, and was one of the major pilgrimage festivals   586 BCE - then it became Judaism (after the destruction of the first temple o before that it was considered isrealite history  Judaism before Judaism o When did we start using the word "Judaism"? o What is the relationship between Judaism and what came before it?  Hebrew/Israelite religion  Asherah poles  Ashram was the female deity  people worshipped both God and other gods o influences o 586 BCE - Babylonians destroyed/ seiged, kept records of the Hebrews o 1200 - earliest reach of Judaism  Creation according to Judaism o genesis 1-3, creationism  7 days to create the world  created Adam, eve from a rib, lived in garden of Eden  tree of knowledge of good and evil planted in the middle  snake convinced eve to eat the fruit by telling her that it was the difference between humankind and God  God created - ability to create, speak...human attributes... not physical attributes, as God has no form  women will feel pain from birth, snake can't walk and talk, kicked out of garden  no longer in harmony with the animals  Adam has to toil from earth to reap rewards  the original sin (Christian concept)  all humans are born with this sin because we're all children of Adam and Eve  fatal flow of curiosity, selfish, boundary breaking  Noah's Ark o Noah built an ark because God told him to o two of every animal o rainbow - God's Seal, promised that he would not destroy the world o Noahide/ Noadic (genesis 9) o no murdering, Noah promised God  have to have a respect for humankind/animals  do not eat anything that is still alive o patriarch of all humans  not necessarily a hero  first thing he plants is a grapevine o Noah’s okay with God flooding, often portrayed as a lesser patriarch  The Patriarchs o Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Israel)  father of the isrealite o Abraham - covenant and cult to end idol worship  father of ethical monotheism  doing things correctly  told to sacrifice Isaac, but did not have to because God provided a ram  Akedah story  God has certain idea of sacrifice  sacrificial cult of the bible o Jacob known as Israel  years are few and hard  wrestles with God (Israel)  father of Israel  through his 12 sons, get the original 12 Hebrew tribes  one of his sons is Joseph  brother sold Joseph to Egyptian slavery, favourite of Jacob  The Exodus o then Moses convened a discussion of the elders o Moses  archetypal prophet  pharaoh made decree that all Jews should be killed  becomes a prince of Egypt  accidentally kills an Egyptian man, becomes a shepherd, marries his wife, follows a goat and sees a burning bush  God tells him to go to Egypt to save the Jews  Moses says no  prophet i
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