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Lecture 20

Introduction to Judaism - Lecture 20

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Religion & Culture
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Holly Pearse

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RE204 – Lecture 20  Universal Israelite Congress of 1868-69 (Pest, Hungary) o conference across movements, held in attempt to heal rifts between reformers and counter-reformers o conservative factions proposed adoption of Shulchan Aruch as standard code or Judaism  refused by reformers , leading to separation of organizations in Hungary  orthodox and neologs o Neologs - closer to conservative  Counter-Reform in Europe o Mitnagdim  Vilna Gaon  y'shiva judaism o Orthodoxy and Neo-Orthodoxy  very difficult to narrow down what "orthodoxy" was compared to "reform"  orthodox - ortho - correct, dox - practice  "correct practices"  Samson Raphael Hirsch (1808 - 1888)  franfurt-am-main 1851 o started through secessionism  Azriel Hildesheimer 1920-1899  cultured orthodoxy o faithful dedication to tradition combined with enlightened/education eye on culture and civilized progress  main points o judaism and knowledge harmonized o Jewish life can be in agreement with surrounding culture if civilized o Orthodox Jews must demonstrate unwavering dedication to faith and law  this makes the other two possible  cross-denominal participation from orthodox/non orthodox when needed  both believed enlightenment was a good thing, but that segregation and ghettos were not part of God's plans, but painful chapter of Jewish history  freedom of religion o Jews have to dedicate voluntary will to follow law  both saw reform as necessary assimilation of Jewish religion o positive- historical hudaism  not part of orthodox  Jews no matter how much progress is being integrated, must have positive perspective on their own history  historical judaism is what brought them to this point, cannot ditch for the sake of change 1 RE204 – Lecture 20  change must be in keeping with sacred teachings, gradual and out of necessity  prefaced on understand that Jews have to understand the academia behind judaism to properly invoke change  precursor to American common judaism  Zacharias Frankel 1801-1875  Jewish theological seminary of Breslau1846  1846 - succeeded / left the reform movement o when they decided to drop Hebrew, decided they were changing for the sake of change o learning Hebrew is a necessity  R. Samson Raphael Hirsch 1808-1888 o considered one of the intellectual founders of modern orthodoxy  neo-orthodoxy o secessionism  ability to break away from a synagogue  right of Orthodox Jews to leave synagogue if they're breaking away from tradition o torah im derech eretz: torah and the way of the land  basic perspective of neo-orthodoxy to modernity  can have both Torah and the way of the land  old traditions with cultural traditions  leads to balanced life  adults Jews have two responsibilities o lifelong dedication o successful rearing  middot - balance  key to Jewish life - all life in balance o disagreed with reformers, doing what was convenient  deluding themselves by believing they were being true to history  Modern Orthodoxy o term describing conservative schools of modern Judaism growing out of traditional judaism and counter-reform movements  seeks to maintain balance between upholding Jewish law/tradition with modern life  halakhah remains binding, but does not preclude positive
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