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Introduction to Judaism - Lecture 23

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RE204 – Lecture 23  Israel in Judaism o Covenant  Gen 12, inheritance of the land  Conceptual hub, Judaism is free to be portable o Israel, Jerusalem, Zion  Center of the imagined community  The central hub  Davidic kingdom  Memory of the time when Israel was whole, at it’s pinnacle, when Israel was and autonomous under Jewish king  Paradigm in the messianic expectation  Israel will be redeemed by a king appointed by God  Centrality of Jerusalem  Longing; Psalm 137 o Longing to return to Zion  Temple; ritual focal point o Peoplehood  History/origins  Shared history and origins, study of shared origins replaces legal practice/practice of the law in many understandings of peoplehood  Not necessarily all Jews practiced the same law, but rather have the same history  Based on historical understanding/experience  Imagined community  Where one member cannot know every other member  Not centered in borders, but in imagination  Centrality of the Jewish origin in Israel  Memory, faith and religion o Diaspora (Galut); redemption (geulah)  All Jews outside of Israel are in exile, and the expectation of redemption is what they look forward to  Religious Zionism o Peoplehood and return  Messiah  That the divine will bring the messiah  The wait for the return  Pragmatism & preservation  Small groups returned to Israel, but no political return  Goal was to return Jews to Israel  Both threatened to destroy and/or end Jewish community  Pogrom – anti-semantic destruction of people  Assimilation o Examples of religious Zionists  Zvi Hirsch Kalischer (1795-1874)  Focus on training and resources  Represents the urge to return to Israel 1 RE204 – Lecture 23  Prophetic ideal on the reunion of Jews and the land  Saw it as self-help, people have to help themselves o Careful preparation that the return will happen any time  Abraham Isaac kook (1865-1935)  Land has meaning to Jews, not just symbolic idea o The land itself  Addressed a major concern that Jews had to wait for the redemption as according to Divine will o Only God can decide when the exile is over  Going against this principle forces the hand of God  Exile happened because of Jewish faults, it is not punishment, but rather purification process  Pro-going to Israel  Chardal o Zionist Haredi o Haredi – non-Zionists  Do not accept modernity  Religious Anti-Zionism o Classical reform and universalism  Patriotism and Jewish nationalism  Refused to call them synagogues, but rather called them temples  Calling them synagogues showed a level of acceptance of exile o Divine will in rabbinic vision  Israel as a secular state vs. the redemption of Israel  Examples  Elanan bunim wasserman 1875-1941 o Israel represents idol worship, veneration of something that is secular o Avodah zarah  Joel teitelbaum (1887-1979) o Satmar o Maase satan  May have been miracles in Israel, but they were the work of satan, Israel is an illusion o The three oaths  Mishnah comes to us through the Talmud  Three promises God has made Jews and world, to return Jews to Israel  Jews will not rebel against the forces of other nations  Jews will not take the land by force  Made nations to not be too harsh on the Jews  Waiting on divine will 2 RE204 – Lecture 23  Within religious Zionism, anti-Zionism any human attempt to take Israel is doomed to fail  Through the UN’s approval of Israel as secular state in 1948  With the holocaust, the third oath was broken, therefore the first and second oaths are now void  Modern Zionism o Pre-1948  Proto-Zionism  Secular Zionism  Modern belief that Jews needed to create their own state using human power  Varieties in Early Zionism
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