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Published on 3 Oct 2011
RE220 – Religion and Popular Culture
Lecture: September 22, 2011
How can popular culture activities look like and act like religion?
Baseball feeds the soul
How can baseball possibly be thought of as religion?
Or Coca Cola for that matter?
What does Chidester mean when he says that baseball can function as church?
1. Continuity in a changing America
2. Uniformity, sense of belonging
3. Sacred space
4. Sacred time
Commodity Fetishism = Capitalism (Karl Marx)
APPLE: Alternative lifestyle (buying into) – iPhone, iPod, iPad
DISNEY: Buying “magic”
…Coca Cola, Starbucks, Harley Davidson
Advertising may have become the new religion of the modern capitalist society.
Standard ways of viewing religion based on our world views.
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