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Religion & Culture
Brent Hagerman

3/26/2013 7:01:00 AM Sacred Space Mircea Eliade:  Interested in pre modern religion  Influential in the development of the study of religion  Came to Chicago in 1956  His theory was primarily based on the differences between the sacred and the profane  What are the differences between the sacred and the profane?  The holy; where you find peace and faith  Subjective  Axis Mundi – the connection between heaven and earth (could even be a hole in the wall) o Centre of a community o The center point o Example: a church on the top of a hill would be an axis mundi  Imago Mundi – the idealize version of the world o An image centered around the Axis mundi o Symbolically wants to put the world in order o Less important than the Axis Mundi  Sacred space: a space that is constructed around a sacred object that is experienced as the Holy Other, different than the rest of the world  Sacred time: a time outside of time o A separate time o Ritual gives you excess to sacred time because of profane time o  Illud Tempus – in time now and always  Burning man o Happens in the black rock desert in Nevada o Last Monday of August to the first Monday of September o Centers around a giant figure of a male made of wood o Lets of religious iconography  A giant nun confessional  A mirror with “be your won messiah” written out on it o Sacred space is actively created at burning man o There is an element of pilgrimage  10 principles o didn’t want to call them rules, because that would go against the counterculture they were trying to create  1) Radical inclusion  2) gifting (no exchanges for money, rather give things away or exchange gifts)  3) De-commodification (no advertising, don’t sell anything)  4) Civic Responsibility  5) Leave no Trace (take your garbage and make it look like you were never there)  6) Participation (no spectators motto)  7) Radical self Reliance (be prepared to take care of yourself)  8) Communal Effort (be a community, do things together)  9) Radical Self Expression (do whatever will express who you are)  10) Immediacy (everything should be right in your face, bright and interesting + everything right now!) th March 28 Next week Tuesday – Quiz Thursday - Exam Review Trying to understand Pilgrimage  preparing yourself to go somewhere and once you get there you have some sort of goal  A journey to some place that is considered to be sacred in ones religion  Circular travel, you come back  Motivated by belief  Mecca for Muslims  Jerusalem for Jews  Anywhere that the virgin Mary has visited for Christian’s  Etc. Pilgrimage  Camino de Santiago  The hajj to the Ka’ba (most famous pilgrimage today) o You have to wear certain types of clothes and everyone is dressed the same o Purity during the pilgrimage (no sex, no perfume, no jewelry, can’t cut your nails, have to try to not bleed)  Has to involve sacrifice and going out of your way  Takes you in a different place and outside of your daily routine  Puts you in anoth
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