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Wilfrid Laurier University
Religion & Culture
Brent Hagerman

4/2/2013 7:09:00 AM Final exam is at 830 on Monday, April 22 ndin N1001 (Science building) Canadian Mythology?  Is there a Canadian mythology and if so what does it look like? o What are our master narratives? o there are the images and stories that seem to express … What is a nation?  We image that we share some core values/beliefs/culture/history/myths with our national community  Imagined communities = nations (Benedict Anderson)  A nation is a “group of people who share the same illusions about themselves” (Francis, 10)  Like religion, they provide meaning  Our national myths help to explain what it means to be a Canadian We are…  Heroic  Nice/peace keepers  Mosaic (multicultural and accepting)  We believe American’s to be the melting pot  At home in nature  A wilderness nation  A unified community Myth of Wilderness  The group of Seven have become “our national wallpaper” Wilderness Nation  Archie Belaney masqueraded as Iroquois/ojibway trapper grey owl from northern Ontario Civil Religion  Robert Bellah – well known for theorizing civil religion  “The set of religious or quasi-religious beliefs, myths, symbols, and ceremonies that unite a political community and that mobilizes its members in the pursuit of common goals”  Not connected to constitutional religion  Can be considered as the political religion American Civil Religion  High priest  Religious saints  Sacred relics  Sacred orders  Mythical stories  Creeds (the us constitution etc.)  Ritual festivities  A central ritual event  A divine purpose (manifest destiny ->
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