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Lecture 13

RE220 Lecture 13: Lecture 13

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Religion & Culture
Carol Duncan

Games and Religion - scared stories with meaning - video games is an extending of that narrative - story telling and narrative come from content, oral - suggestion games are a extension of narrative of stories - stranger things is a dungeon and dragon - the upside down is the alternate world - stranger things is a sci-fi - we enter into powerful stories - extension of myth - stories involved trials, tribulations, mysterious, powerful enemies to defeat, people who help along the way - stories re reflected in scared stories in gods and goddess - video and board game asks us to enter into the narrative be identifying, with one of more character - apocalyptic - suggestion is a game is a ritual - rituals are myths in action Dungeons and Dragons - d & d is a fantasy, role playing game which was first develop in 1974 in Gary Gygax and DaveArnesen - a lot of versions of d & d - immense fandoms - expanded in format since the board game influencing video game format, movies, and tv shows - similar to the world but in a virtual context Lego = Play well (Danish) & I put together (Latin) - game within the game - lego building blocks and you have the manipulation, stop motions, movies, etc. Religion and video games - is it just a game? - well its play but video games involve - ritual - mythic - role play - apocalyptic narratives - to learn those lessons - use of religious ideas or places as a backdrop - bring the lessons in the game to real life scenarios - healing
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