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Lecture 14

RE220 Lecture 14: Lecture 14

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Religion & Culture
Carol Duncan

Recap: Lego - we are saturated in images - to understand and interrupt experiences - the name was taken by the founder - limit of play is virtually limitless - idea that play allows creativity Religion and Video Games - is it just a game? - the thought that goes into trying to imagine the various moves that different characters will do - how people who are going to be players might want to interact and crate their own narratives - can create a lot of alternatives - lots of different ways characters and move, create - games play creativity choice = rules cheating/fairness - purpose of the rules - to determine how people to play the game - violence + video games > transfer to real life situations > culture of violence/conflict resolution - critique absent = include critique - desensitization of violence (in real life) - addiction to video games > playing games for how long - glorifying criminality > values - cultural representation > ethnicity, racialized, gender - who plays the video games? - gender norms who should be doing what what is a girl game what is a boy game - misleading - narrative - - why play? - stress release - antisocial/ alone time - creates community / teamwork through gaming - financial reward - video games have different perspectives on gender Are games art? - Brenda Remero (video) - talks about gender - there are women who are involved in design, players, architecture, etc.
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