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Religion and Popular Culture - Lecture 4

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Religion & Culture
Chris Klassen

 Sacred/ profane | religious/secular o Durkheim -  sacred - social cohesion  profane - individual everyday life o Eliade -  sacred - supernatural  profane - mundane, the everyday o Weber -  religion is embedded all the structures  economy o Lived Religion -  question the distinction between sacred and profane  Charlie Brown Christmas o CB focuses on the materialistic portion  becomes upset when he doesn't receive a Christmas card o Lucy as psychiatric help  focuses on money, the sound of money clinking, how it makes her happy o Lucy talks about how she never gets anything she wants for Christmas, and that all she wants is real estate o Snoopy - decoration competition to find the meaning of Christmas, winning money  CB can't stand that snoopy is going commercial o CB's sister (Sally) - asks CB to write a letter  Materialistic, asks to get as many as she can. if not, then asks for money  wants her fair share o Linus- comments that it's not only getting too commercial, but dangerous o Lucy - "we all know Christmas is commercial controlled by an Asian syndicate" o Linus- this doesn't seem to fit the modern spirit  talking about a wooden tree, not metal tree o Lucy - how can someone be great if they've never been on a bubblegum card o Linus- talking about what Christmas is about, starts to tell the biblical story of Christmas and the birth of Christmas  does not talk about the commercial aspect of Christmas o CB - won't let all the commercialism ruin his Christmas  distinction between Sacred and Profane o Jesus story and commercialization  set up as dichotomy o focusing on Eliade's concept of sacred/profane  Christmas Tree o aluminum trees considered commercialized  wooden trees considered sacred o Durkheim - focusing at the end how the tree brings together the group  decorated Christmas tree  taking the commercialization and putting it on the tree brings about social cohesion o based off a commercial ritual, rather than natural tree/stories (about Santa/Jesu
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