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Religion and Popular Culture - Lecture 5

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Religion & Culture
Chris Klassen

 Historical Materialism o Marxist Theory o how we get materials needed to live, is the center of civilization and society  modes of production the center of historical civilization  mercantile (merchants) o trade (import/export)  agriculture o tended to be self-sufficient, trading only when necessary  industrialization o factory system  using class system, owner/worker  buying raw materials to create finished product  workers produce, but to acquire it, must buy it o capitalism stems off this system  everything in society is a superstructure to support the mode of production o education o government o religion o art (media)  superstructures create ideology o convinces people that mode of production is good o wrote about this when industrialization is big in European society, capitalism starting to develop  factory system allows one capitalist to employ many people  many people coming from agricultural context to move towards the factories o urbanization starts to occur (result of capitalism) o Marx has problems with capitalism  creates alienation  people are divided into classes  from labour - proletariat (working class) o producing product but don't get to keep it, alienated from the product o labour becomes only about making wages, not items o assembly line method, alienated from the rest of the process o Marxist Theory has influenced critical thinking in academic institutions  Neomarxist o takes his theories and applies it to culture, not just economics  Gramsci o Marxist, part of Italian communist party o Fascism  government controls everything, people have no say, with goal to change country to their ideal o Hegemony  domination of the upper class over the lower class  trying to show that one ideology is correct and the other isn't  through convincing that it is in the best interest  Marx and Gramsci both had same viewpoint on how religion supports the hegemony  how it supports the elite society  Gramsci talks about Catholic Church
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