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Lecture 19

RE224 Lecture 19: Lecture 19

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Religion & Culture
Carol Duncan

Transatlantic Religion What does the term transatlantic mean? coming across the atlantic ocean African music influences North America, but as well, North American popular culture influences Africa particularly the U.S. and the Caribbean songs travel through media as well interactions exchanges that occur within the Americas taking a close up look to the soundtrack what we hear sonically and musically in commercial advertising, movies, and games, etc., this is looking at the musical dimension cultural exchange the troubling topic of race and identity literal meaning trans means across, beyond, or through applied to atlantic it is referring to phenomena that takes place through exchange on both sides of the atlantic including the Americas, Europe, and Africa in religious and cultural terms we are interested in phenomena that are formed through these exchanges of language, symbolic systems, food, music and religion our focus is on musical forms americas most original contributions to popular music jazz, blues, rock, rap, and hip hop originated in Africa syncretic or creolization: religion made up of separate parts to create a new form W.E.B Dubois and Transatlantic Religious Exchange The Souls of the black Folk, 1903 classic text published in 1903 the problem of the 20th century is the problem of the colourline saw the religious heritage of african americans as having an african traditional religion foundation with christianity as a veneer, initially from priest or medicineman to the negro church (or the black church) Africa In America and Economic history Cane cutters in Jamaica Plantation in colonial Jamaica acknowledges the history of african americans were these images only demonstrate their work and the back breaking activities they performed this does not show their livelihoods and their culture and communication African In America According to Dubois persistence of african traditional religion in the americas in the form of voodooism and obi today known as vodun and obeah the transatlantic crossing not as continuity but as change africa and african america as distinct signified in the Orisha Shango distribution impossibility transference
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