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Gendering The Divine

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Religion & Culture
Brent Hagerman

thThursday September 13 2011 RE224 GENDERING THE DIVINEProf Brent Hagerman bhagermanwluca TA Leah Mckeen mcke1240mylaurierca Office hours220 Office DAWB 4103D same as Hagermanshistorically speaking male scholarship defines the divine as male how do religious structures construct ideas of maleness or femaleness as normative in modern societyCRITICAL ISSUESy Identity race gender hegemony patriarchy agency y Some religions describes supreme being as ungendered y TAOISM fills you with power y GODDESSgreat mothery JUDEO CHRISTIAN dominant male y HINDUISM bothShiva and Pavrati y It was argued that the gendered metaphors reflect our understanding of the self makes itmore relatable y Made in gods image What does that mean y The language used to describe the divine describes how we relate to itPATRIARCHY y Historical political institutionthe subordination of females GENDER LINKED TO POWER y Who has the power to represent the divine y Who has the power to say what is normative y What ways does the gendered divine promote inequality y When religious people generalize gendered metaphors for the divine hoe does that reflect on societyHEGEMONY y Antonio Gramski y Those ruled over or exploited accept the upper class power and feel like they have a stake at that power y Religion may be wielded to keeping men in powerANDROCENTRICISM y assumption that males maleness male perspective and experiences are the most central and important points of referenceGENDER AS BIAS FOR CRITICAL ANALYSIS y Critical eye frame of gender and meanings of power issues between genders is the BASIS OF THE COURSE y How to men and women participate or experience religion y How to they contribute or challange power differenced between men and womenCRITICAL READING ASSIGNMENT DUE SEPTEMBER 22 BEOFRE CLASSth Thursday September 15 2011 RE224 GENDERING THE DIVINE SEPT 15 2011assignment due Sept 22 BEFORE class submit on my learning spaceoverview of article 1 pg argument of piece critical readinghow is it applicable toclass critique reading agenda or biaspersonal likesdislikes reflectDO WOMEN HAVE HIGHER SOCIAL STANDING INSOCIETIES THAT WORSHIP A GODDESSPOWER HEGEMONY AND PATRIARCHY y Whoever has power decided how people receive it y Gendered metaphors are connected to identity y Meaning and significance beyone semantics y How we relate to divine y Shango Voudo Santeria Candomble y Different traditions y People can be accessed by divine become godlike y Priestess and priests y Many religions debate gender of divine y Christianity male y Vodou male and female y Rastafarian neither gender race decidesSUBJECTIVE AND OBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVE professional orientation towards religion insider viewOBJECTIVE scientific study of religionoutsider viewAPOLOGETIC theological arguments to defend doctoring subjective
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