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Lecture 6

Religion and Sexuality - Lecture 6

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Religion & Culture
Brent Hagerman

RE374 – Lecture 6  Blessings and curses of heterosexuality o many people believe they should be abstinent for religious reasons o some have religious duty to have sex within marriage to procreate o who can have sex with whom, when, in what context o procreation  religions generally direct sexuality towards procreating offspring  sex for the purposes of conception ( Roman Catholic)  religious values of producing several children (Orthodox Jew/Mormon)  religiously sanctioned emphasis on male children (Muslim countries, India, china)  prohibitions against non-procreative sexual activity  Sheela Na Gig - most likely a fertility symbol  pagan god  Shiva Linga  phallic symbol of Hindu god Shiva, surrounded by his consort Parvati's yoni, or vagina  Japanese Shinto fertility festivals  Shinto represents religious patriotism, Japanese superiority  Hoonen Matsuri -Tagata Shrine, Komaki City, Japan  Kanamara Matsuri - Kawasaki, Japan  Shinto priests were encouraged to marry, duty to get married and procreate  Shinto o criticized Buddhists for preventing procreation, and criticized for taking young boys into monkhood o In what ways do religions put rules around heterosexuality?  can't have sex outside of marriage  must be for procreation  context/time for sex is regulated  who you can/can't have sex with  regulations regarding women are more severe and monitored o conception o fornication o marriage  What does Jesus say about marriage  no reason to marry, kingdom of God is coming o abstinence o religio-sexual racism  using religion to justify racism  different people of different races cannot be together
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