SE200 Lecture 1: Lesson 1 INTRO

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Social Entrepreneurship
Nicole Mc Callum

Lesson 1: Introduction Social entrepreneurship is an evolving sphere of research and action that takes a multidisciplinary approach to social change aims to address a series of urgent threats facing global humanity today the field is driven by the recognition that business cannot continue as usual first coined in the early 1980s by Ashoka founder and CEO Bill Drayton SE definition are inconsistent What is Social Entrepreneurship Alvord, Letts, and Brown define SE as a way to catalyze social transformation that goes beyond singular solutions ot complex social problems Example: > unexploded land mines from previous conflicts and wards continue to kill and maim large numbers of people in places such as Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, Mozambique, and Angola > Bart developed an idea to train rats to detect these landmines > resulted in the destruction of 70 000 landmines A Proposed Process of Social Change Light defines social breakthrough as a nearly perfect term for describing the ultimate output of social action > according to Light, a social breakthrough occurs when the demand for a change to a complex social problem overwhelms the resistance and barriers in place that perpetuate the issue > describes social breakthroughs as pushing fundamental changes (execution of new laws, treaties, to measurable changes in public
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