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Lucy Luccisano

Ch.5 – Globalization Learning Objectives 1. What is globalization? Globalization involves the interaction and integration of increasing numbers of people in the world through international numbers of people in the world through international trade and investment, travel and tourism, and information technology and the mass media. 2. How does globalization impact the movement of people? Mass communication – including television, film, videos, and music – and cheap air travel open to the world to more people through increased tourism and immigration. 3. How does globalization impact the paid and unpaid work of women? Globalization involves cutting costs like labour costs. Factories and offices get closed down in developed countries and moved to developing countries where labour (usually women’s labour is cheap). 4. What are the main arguments for and against globalization? For: poor countries and their citizens benefit economically from increased employment opportunities and rising standards of living. Against: point to increased wealth, power, and privilege come at the expense of less developed countries. 5. How are the world’s nations stratified? Most industrialized, industrializing, and least industrialized. This represents property, power, and prestige; exception of oil-rich countries. 6. What are the main sociological theories of economic and social development? Imperialism, colonization, world system theory, dependency theory, culture of poverty. 7. What makes Canada a semi-peripheral country and why is this important to know? Economic sectors are heavily foreign owned and/or controlled. 8. How is the system of global stratification maintained? Neocolonialism, multinational
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