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SY101 Ch.7

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Lucy Luccisano

Ch.7 – Inequalities of Gender Learning Outcomes 1. What is gender stratification? 2. How do sex and gender differ? Sex is the biological characteristic difference of a person, whereas gender is the social characteristic difference. 3. Why do the behaviours of males and females differ? Some people say it is because we are born this way which would be the biological perspective. The “nurture versus nature” controversy plays a role in why males and females differ. If the reason was only biological, all women would be the same and all men would be the same however this is not the case. The biological perspective plays a role in regards to how women have stronger mothering instincts then men do. 4. Is gender inequality universal? Around the world, gender is the primary division between people. Men are always favoured. Women are classified as a minority. Education, politics, the pay gap, violence against women. 5. How did females become a minority group? There is no known society where women as a group have decision-making power over men as a group. 6. Is the feminist movement new? Suffragists: leaders of feminist movements. The feminist movement is not new. The first wave of women’s movements was focused towards the right to vote (1917), trade unions, political processes, educational systems. Second wave was focused on work roles and policies of violence. 7. What forms of gender inequality in education take? Women were once told to study 1/3 as much as men did because women were seen as frail, also advised not to study during menstruation. Emily Stowe became Canada’s first female physician after being denied to Canadian medical schools because of her gender, but accepted to an American medical school. Girls were not welcomed in shop classes (1960’s). There are now more women enrolled in Canadian universities. 8. Is there gender inequality in everyday life? Women’s capacities, interests, attitu
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