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Greg Bird

Lecture 7: Socialization - Socialization: the process by which we learn to become members of society by internalizing norms and values of society by learning to perform specific roles - Role: social expectations attached to different social positions - Key Question: Nature v. Nurture *Socialization molds our nature but does not completely erase it > George Herbert Mead: - American Symbolic Interactionist - Individual personalities develop through interacting with others - Socialization: objectification process - learn roles by observing how others respond to us (ex: gender roles - girl wants toy truck) - "Me": objective side of an individual(socialized); social forces(roles, values, norms) that constrain individual behaviour - "I": subjective side of an individual(active); creative side that distinguishes us from each other *Angel on one shoulder(Me), and Devil on the other shoulder(I) > Mead's Theory of Socialization: Play -> Game -> Generalized Other - 1st Stage: imitation of "significant other" (parents) - 2nd Stage: role play and pretending (house, dress-up); gender roles - allow children to learn roles as adults in society - 3rd Stage: complex games (ie. baseball - knowing own and others positions and roles) - 4th Stage: Generalized Other: person understands what is expected of them in given situations -internalized as the "Me" -taking someone and teaching them to be one within their surroundings > Types of Socialization: 1.Primary Socialization: how children learn to become membe
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