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Leigh Morrison

Sy203 - Sociological Theory 9/18/2013 9:31:00 AM What is the Structure of Society?  We saw that changes in the structure of society create changes in the overall social conditions in which people exist and live their lives  With these two simple structural changes - economic and political - we can define sociology and a discipline that look at how societies pattern the activity of populations by grouping this activity in the form of economic life, family life, political life, religious life and schooling life. There are three material needs - need to satisfy on an everyday life on an hourly and daily basis - food, shelter, clothing. What’s critical about human survival is the ability to satisfy these needs With these two changes you can describe sociology as a discipline that explains societies Historical Origins of Sociology  Up until the 19th century, no one had discovered the fact that society was made up of independently structured social institutions  In fact many believed that the individual was at the center of society ad that society itself was largely the work of the individual  If we look at the history of sociology, it originated as discipline by isolating out the existence of social institutions. This made up the social framework  These include: the economy, the political structure, the religious system, the system of law the family system, and s
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