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Leigh Morrison

Week 1 Lecture 3 – Sept. 13 , 2013 Sociological Theory: A Brief Historical Introduction Historical origins of sociology - Two specific changes o The transformation in the economic structure of society taking place during the transition from feudal to industrial society  Referred to as the great transformation o The changes taking place in the political structure of society  Occurred as result of the French revolution in 1789  Changed class system of French society and altered the structure social equality - As a result of the great transformation o 1830 – the new industrial economies had replaces the old feudal economies of the preceding period, industrial production replaced agricultural production o The mechanical discoveries necessary for industrial production made Europe the workshop of the world, for the first time populations began to be centered in cities o This led to rapid developments in commerce, science and industry - As these changes began to take effect, the old feudal economies began to dissolve - As a result, people were forcibly separated from agricultura
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