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Lecture 2

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Leigh Morrison

Week 2 Lecture 1 – Sept. 16 , 2013 Historical Origins of Sociological theory - “Great transformation” (nineteenth century) o Industrial economies replaces old feudal economies of the preceding period, industrial production replaced agricultural production  Led to possibility of mass production o Populations began to be centered in cities  Moved to industrial centers where they could find work  Feudal economies began to dissolve  People were forcibly separated from agricultural land,  Could no longer satisfy their material needs of food, shelter, and clothing  Accelerated human drama  Putting pressure on the population  Set in motion the transfer of rural population to industrial centers  Those unable to obtain work in new economies became an impoverished class and a problem population o New economies created a new form of economic necessity unseen in previous societies  The means of production fell into private hands and this made it more difficult for workers to employ the means of production o Feudal economies , able to satisfy material needs by employing ‘means of production’ on their own and used land for agricultural purposes to produce food o As new economies developed the means of production became monopolized by one class, made it more difficult for workers to employ the means of production  Why? Because for the first time in history they had to employ the means of production first before they could satisfy their material needs  Means of production: this refers to anything human begins use to satisfy their basic economic needs of food, shelter and clothing  In having jobs, we us the means of production o When means of production fell into private hands (ex. of industrial capitalist economy), a new class system was created resulting in social and political inequality  The class of workers who did not own the means of production and who had to sell their labo
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