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Irene Cheung

• Carter, C., & Steiner, L. (2004). Critical readings: media and gender. Maidenhead: Open University Press. The books main theses were how is gender constructed in the media?, to what extent do portrayals of gender influence everyday perceptions of ourselves and our actions?, and in what ways does the media reinforce and sometimes challenge gender inequalities? Then critically analyzes topics that include: gender identity and television talk shows, historical portrayals of women in advertising, the sexualization of the popular press, the representation of lesbians on television, the cult of femininity in women's magazines, images ofAfricanAmerican women and Latinos in Hollywood cinema, sexual violence in popular music, women in popular music, pornography and masculine power, and women's relationship to the internet. The strength of this source is its in-depth analysis of media's influence on gender roles such as masculinity and femininity. These are several essays from many highly educated authors which is edited by Cynthia Carter who is a lecturer in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies at Cardiff University, United Kingdom and Linda Steiner who is an associate professor in Journalism and Media Studies at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Critical readings: media and gender is ideal for undergraduate courses in media studies, gender studies, journalism, and the sociology of the media which is reliable due to its' in-depth research. • MacKinnon, K. (2003).Representing men maleness and masculinity in the media. London: Arnold Representing men looks at not how mass media reflects masculinity in society but teaches it by creating or reinforcing its images. The study consists of four distinct related media which are movies, television, advertising and sports coverage that are mostly on television and in newspapers. The author Kenneth Mackinnon concludes that ultimately masculinity is no straightforward actualization but instead are ideals rather then social realities. These ideals form a near impossible creation of masculinity to in return males in society are advised to attain if want to be “men” which are created by movie, television and sports stars and as well as men in advertisements. In the end this book aims to alert readers to the processes as well as purpose of such media representations. Kenneth Mackinnon is a professor of Film Studies at London Metropolitan University. • Consalvo, M., & Paasonen, S. (2002). Women & everyday uses of the Internet: agency & identity. New York: Peter Lang. This book researches the forms of the Internet and ways in which women figure as users, content producers, and target audiences. It addresses issues of gendered identity and agency in the framework of consumer culture and new media.All the chapters are involved with media attention to the Internet and women which are case studies that provide insights into the uses of the Internet as an everyday medium and the forms of its gendered use. These chapters are essays that are edited by Mia Consalvo who is an assistant professor in the School of Telecommunications at Ohio University and Susanna Paasonen who is a researcher at the Department of Media Studies, University of Turku, Finland. The book takes an in-depth analysis of femininity in the media specifically regardin
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