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SOCA02 Lecture 1 January 12 2012 Midterm Final Ultimate QuestionsModern world is dominated by science and its child which is technologySteve Jobs dealt in technologytechnology comes from scienceIn the application of technology steve jobs was talented and as a business man He was a technology guy using technology right now as am iTechnology comes from ScienceNew Kids On the Blocksocial sciences natural sciences been around much longer o Social sciences psychology economics political science Sciencesociologists knowledge of the world is attained from researchWhat sociologists try to use is the scientific method Scientific approach cannot answer all questions we have about lifeSome of the more important questions we have about lifeexistence Science cannot deal with these issuesScience cannot handle ultimate questionsIs it possible to lead a meaningful life full of significance and contentAre all ways of life futile Science has no answerImportant question 2 Is there an unmoved mover o Means a first cause of the univers unmoved mover o Science cant give us an answer to that3 What happens to us when we dieo Questions on the soul are specifically reserved for religion and sometimes philiosphy o Religion deals with ultimate questionsScience deals with factual questionsFactual questions are imperical questionsImperical questions represent evidence and evidence is obtained from using the scientific method Scientific method brings facts to bear on a question When science talks about a first cause of the universe it can appeal to scientific facts or what appears to be the first cause the big bang theory happened 137 billion years ago Big bang in world According to many physicists Stephen Hawkinsnothing existed If you know a little bit about philosophy it is illogical to say something comes from nothingSomething must have existed prior to the universeWhat religion says about that is first cause or GodWe can work out when big bang took placeBut when we asked what came before the big bang then you have to employ religionThat is why god figures are common in religion and are responsible for creating the universe
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