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Paul Potter

September 13 SY 389 Social Reality as “Text” 1. Everyday common sense understanding of text a. A written form of sort b. Governed by own (social) conventions 2. Reflection upon nature of text suggests a. Formal and informal rules—conventions b. Levels of rules c. Explicit and deep rules d. Also govern interpretation e. Knowledge of rules needed for correct interpretation 3. Expand to include oral text a. Written = inscription of oral b. Social rules as well c. Interpret story as true or false 4. Stories are prevalent a. Guide interpretations of everyday life 5. Expand notion of text to include other elements a. Ex. Wedding 6. Social life abounds with such examples a. Ex. Boxing match, graduation b. Ring and kiss = wedding c. Reflection = expansion d. Which elements are not considered a text 7. There are no elements which are not part of a text a. Cannot apprehend aspect “in-itself”, framework of meaning provided by us b. Framework individual—deeper social rule c. Social convention to make framework a text 8. Social theory understands rules for interpreting texts a. Apply methods of interpreting texts to wider context b. Understand mechanics underlying meaning c. No limits to wider context d. Can and should be studied as a text The Science of Meaning: Semiology  Semiology o The analysis of sign systems o Derives from Saussurian linguistic
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