SY321 Lecture Notes - Luxury Goods, Shriners, Authoritarianism

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27 Jan 2013
Consequences of social class:
-class has a profound impact on our lives
-lots of evidence
Quality of life= life chances
-affected by class
-life chances increase as you go up the class hierarchy and decreases as you go down the class
-even when we have universal health coverage (Canada)
-members of the lower class have higher infant mortality rates (die w/n first 6 months)
-due to prenatal and postnatal care
-can see this globally
-poorer countries have higher rates of infant mortality
-ex. Afghanistan has one of the highest rates (relativistically)
-lower classes also have higher rates of general mortality
-keeps increasing (in wealthy countries)
-women seem to live longer and make it up to the age of 90s
-lower orders are more likely to suffer from physical ailments and more likely to suffer from psychological
-health improves as go up the class hierarchy
Why? -less knowledge of health related issues among members of lower class orders
-less interest b/c those people seem to have a more fatalistic attitude towards life
‘que sera sera’ whatever will be will be
-have a lack of control over their own lives
-fate affects all of us
-but poor people are more fatalistic b/c they lack that control of their lives
-lack of power (powerlessness) associated w/ poorer health
-wealthier people live longer b/c they have the money
-upper classes live longer b/c they have higher levels of education, have more knowledge in connection to a
healthier lifestyle
-i.e. healthier food, diet
-poor people are less likely to use medical facilities when they’re sick
-poor people are more likely to smoke cigarettes
-they have a higher tendency to use hard drugs (even alcohol and tobaccoboth are very addictive)
-i.e. cocaine, crack, heroine, meth
-research on ecstasy: even w/ a few uses of the drug, it affects memory
-used by the Rastafarians in Jamaica
-marijuana is a part of their subculture
-they smoke Jamaican dope which is powerful
-took a sample of their dope and compared it to a group of Jamaican non-smokers and did cognitive tests
-found that there were no differences
-research on marijuana on monkeys
-showed damaging effects (but may have been due to the high doses they were given daily)
-lower strata also experience more dangerous working conditions
-ex. white collar workers
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